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About Shafiya Meditrip

About company profile and Why choose us.

Shafiya Meditrip is an Indian company, offering a variety of medical tourism services, in line with international health standards and in response to the individual and family needs. the company is committed to providing healthcare and tourism services to the patients and tourists coming to India for treatment and tourism from around the world, especially from the Middle East and Africa. It provides all types of medical care for different daily medical needs, medical rehabilitation, related guidance and specialized quality consultations, reducing your costs in search for health services and alleviating all difficulties to get the best health care and tourism facilities.

The company hasa large team of experienced and highly qualified interpreters in Arabic, English and Hindi. It enjoys a close association with various selected institutions and hospitals capable of providing the finest and the best health and tourism system in India and Turkey.

Vision of Shafiya Meditrip

To be world's number 1 company for Medical Travel in india.

What we stand for

To provide responsiveness, transparency, power of comparison and best Customer Services for our clients.


Empower medical travellers to make choice for affordable and quality medical care around the world.

Why Shafiya Meditrip ?

What makes us deffirent from others

All our services are at the competitive and affordable costs without compromising the quality. We don’t ask you to pay the charges of treatment in advance. We have a network of the finest hospitals and the best doctors in India.

Our services before you travel

To receive your medical reports, discuss them with the doctors and inform you of the treatment plan and cost involved. To provide you complete details of your journey information. We suggest to you for best and suitable residence permits in India.

Our services during you stay in India.

To welcoming you at the Airport and provide you the best interpreter. To arrange local SIM card for your mobile. To assist in making arrangements related to surgery. To organize tourist leisure trips.